No I’m not a douche I promise. SUP stands for stand up paddle board, and today I did yoga on top of one! It was one of the most amazing experiences ever. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and the class was only 4 people, instructor included. The great thing about a small class size is individual attention, and this is especially great for yoga since form has to be perfect when you’re balancing on top of a paddle board in the ocean. I also have to give a huge thanks to the instructor, Laura Lynn, for being encouraging, helpful, and just downright awesome. Doing yoga on the paddle board not only challenges your balance, but it also helps you recognize your weak spots, because you will fall in if you don’t fix them! It just creates an overall awareness of the body that you might not get in a regular yoga practice, and for that reason I feel like it is a great learning experience. So if you’re ever in Panama City go check out SUP Yoga at Yoga Elements in Carillon Beach and go see Laura Lynn!


20140522-223345-81225536.jpg viparita virabhadrasana



urdhva dhanurasana





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