Farmer’s Markets, Paleo Pals, and the Best Meal You Will Ever Eat

Day 1 of paradise and I pretty much hit the good day jackpot. I started the day off with an amazing 5 mile run. It felt great, the view was amazing, and I hit my fastest average pace EVER! I could definitely run here every day.

20140518-221427-80067551.jpgThere is a farmer’s market on sundays in Rosemary, so I was happy to hit that up when I got back from my run. It was nice, and while they didn’t have a huge amount of fresh fruits and veggies, they did have The Caveman’s Cupboard. I was so excited to find myself a friend from the paleo community! I bought some of his AHmazing cashew butter, and wanted to get some grass-fed beef, but I have to eat fish while I’m here haha, it’s like a vacation rule for us. I also picked up some fresh peaches, and had to restrain myself from getting anything else.





ps- the publix here is badass, I got some awesome salads for lunches. This one is kale with blueberries, almonds, edamame (I know, shush), tomatoes and a blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette20140518-221428-80068423.jpg

I spent the rest of the day on the beach enjoying the perfect weather and we headed to the famous Red Bar for dinner. There’s a reason everyone knows about this place, the food is amazing and it’s a super cool environment. Literally my favorite meal in the whole world: blackened grouper over sautéed spinach and a bacon cheddar grit cake. NOMNOMDOUBLENOM. Definitely not paleo, but I was definitely not missing out on it. Although me and caveman did agree on our number 1 cheat : ice cream. So of course we had to go get some of that from a fresh creamery down the street. Shout out to the guy that gave me 2 free samples while denying everyone else.



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