Race Review: Abba House Run for Recovery 10 Miler

So yesterday I ran the Abba House Run for Recovery 10 miler and I have to say I’m very pleased with how it went. I run this race every year because my parents are on the board of directors for Abba House so it’s an automatic sign up, but it’s also a fun race because it’s on the beautiful greenway and most everyone is just running for fun so  it doesn’t feel intimidatingly competitive.  The 10 miler was just added this year, I previously ran the 10k every year. It happened to be exactly the point in my training where I needed to hit 10 miles so I figured what better way to do it than a race. The weather was actually perfect, it was overcast and about 65, though it was very sticky due to the humidity. Poor 5k people, they got drenched, but I just missed it finishing before they started 🙂 I felt surprisingly great the whole race. This made me incredibly happy. Normally on my long runs I experience hip pain, knee pain,  extreme gastrointestinal distress, or all three. This time I only had knee pain, and it didn’t hit until about mile 5, other than that I felt great so that was a win in itself! I think it really helped that I did an hour of hip opening yoga the night before, and then the morning of I did about 30 minutes of yoga geared toward running. I will definitely be doing that again before the half. My “carbo-loading” the night before was a sweet potato with my grilled chicken, playing it safe.  I ate my full breakfast 2 hours before and had my usual egg scramble and monkey salad. Next time I probably won’t eat as much, but I was able to get to a comfortable point before the race, and I just wanted to play it safe and keep my routine so as not to throw my body out of whack. I also didn’t end up snacking 30 minutes before as I had planned, or using any of my gels. I haven’t practiced with them yet and I didn’t feel a need for them at all before or during the race so I’m glad that I was able to feel fueled for the entire race just with the proper breakfast 2 hours before.

Abba House 10 Mile StartThe start line

My time was 1:37:52, which may not seem super fast but it was a great time for me considering my training setbacks recently. I placed first in my age group which was really exciting and satisfying! Always fun to get a medal 😉 Anyway, I’m really glad I got to do this race. I think it was great prep for the half and helped me learn a few things, especially night before and day-of practices that were helpful/harmful.

Abba House 10 Mile Action3I promise I passed the old guy…

Abba House 10 Mile Daddy
Me and my dad after the finish line!


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