Goodbye Dark & Twisty, Hello Bright & Shiny

Oh hey Grey’s fans you know what’s up. So I really had no reason for this title except that well I’m obsessed with grey’s and also my boss told me I (and my outfit) seemed “bright and shiny.” I’ll take it, because today was a pretty bright and shiny day. I got to go out to my favorite place (J Christopher’s) on a work lunch, and then we took a field trip to my boss’s house to grab a water bottle band for me to borrow for the race saturday. Since I worked out at 5:45 this morning, I spent the afternoon shopping and got some awesome flats for work, and happened upon the perfect gift for my boss who’s birthday is Mother’s Day this Sunday. Something about the day was just bright and shiny. The weather was perfect, the mood of the day was cheery, and my outfit was super fun. I truly believe that when you look good you feel good. (If I am having a bad hair day you better WATCH OUT). I know endorphins are great and all, but honestly I think part of the reason workouts make us feel so good afterward is because it is making us look good, and everyone feels good when they are looking fabulous!


Breakfast: Monkey salad (before workout), Egg white scramble (after workout)
Lunch: Billy goat omelette with fruit and turkey bacon
Dinner: Almond rosemary crusted trout with mashed sweet potatoes and grilled veggies
WOD: Kickboxing & Kettlebells



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