Day 48: Happy Easter!


I apologize for my lack of posts these past few days. I ended up in the ER on Thursday with severe abdominal pain and have been pretty much non-functional since. I’m scheduled for the specialist to get in there and figure out what’s been going on on Friday, so until then I’m just taking it day by day. Not going to lie, I’m pretty pissed how badly this is setting back my half training, and I have no idea how I’ll run the 10 miler in two weeks. I did, however, manage to prepare a fantastic (mostly) Paleo easter brunch! Eating it on the other hand proved to be a bigger challenge than preparing it…

Enough gloom and doom though because I hope everyone is enjoying a Jesus, family, and food filled day! Our brunch consisted of:

Bacon, spinach, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, & goat cheese frittata


This frittata was a hit and so easy to make! The cast iron skillet makes it simple to prepare and beautiful to present. I had looked up tons of paleo frittata recipes, but all of them I either wanted to add or subtract something so I ended up with my own creation (obviously, since anyone who reads regularly has noticed that I put this combo in like everything–especially my egg scrambles). I got some nitrate/nitrite free bacon from The Fresh Market and sautéed the whole pack in the skillet, then set aside and poured all but a little of the fat off. Sauteed the mushrooms, spinach, sun-dried tomato and then poured 10 whisked eggs over it (The number of eggs you use will depend on how big your pan is). Cook on the stove until the edges are set and then top with goat cheese and basil and broil until the top is fluffy and cooked. This was so good and easy I think I may just start making these at the beginning of the week and reheating for breakfast instead of chopping and scrambling every morning!

A crepe bar (I made special paleo crepes for myself, everyone else ate regular). Complete with nutella, strawberries, and bananas this was tied for favorite dish with the frittata! The recipe for the crepes is in my earlier post and these can be used for anything from crepes to fish tacos or just as simple lunch wraps! Looking forward to using my leftovers for lunches this week.


Sweet potato “hashies” (hashbrowns) –stolen from Whole Family Strong


Proscuitto wrapped asparagus


Omg these were so easy and delicious! I just took two spears of asparagus and wrapped with thinly sliced proscuitto and broiled for about 8 minutes and they were perfecttt. Did I mention I hate asparagus?

Deviled eggs (I didn’t eat-not paleo mayo)

Chocolate covered strawberries NOM


I used the dark chocolate dip from The Fresh Market so that makes it okay right? :p



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