Day 44: We’ll Try Again and We’ll Fail Again Because that’s what Progress Looks Like

meredith progress So I’ve been a little obsessed with Grey’s lately (hello 9 seasons on Netflix).

I have been eating super clean and paleo lately and my stomach problems have been relentlessly hindering any sort of progress so I am going to the doc soon to figure this ish out. Yesterday I had my all veggie egg scramble, salmon salad for lunch, and grilled chicken with green beans for dinner. Today I started the day with egg whites, smoked salmon, and strawberries. Mid-day I snacked on some celery and almond butter, had a very late lunch of a Kale Lemonade juice from earth fare and a plain turkey burger, and dinner was hard boiled eggs and a few slices of steak. I’ve been surprised at how easy it’s been to keep things really simple without getting too bored or wanting to get off track. I haven’t faced too much temptation, but my boss did take me to lunch at an awesome mexican restaurant and I chose the salmon salad (I even had them omit the corn, beans, and cheese & put dressing on the side so it was literally just salmon and greens) and it wasn’t even a difficult decision. I know change takes time and I’m not expecting abs overnight, but I have just been miserable lately with how my stomach looks, and the way I feel is not normal so hopefully going to the specialist will clear that up so I can start to see some progress.

On the bright side, I scored some major deals on spring clothes today (if it would ever get warm).


Easter Romper anyone?


I’m so thankful for Campus Kitchen. Leading my shift every week really brings me so much joy. Today we had an awesome group of girls who were super efficient so we finished up faster than ever and still made a ton of food! Salmon, egg casserole, roasted sweet potatoes, greens, and fruit salad–the seniors we feed eat almost as good as me! On days that we feed them that is; there is a reason they are our clients. When I first started out doing deliveries, it really disturbed me that most of our “hungry” clients were obese. How could someone be obese and hungry at the same time? Unhealthy foods are the cheapest foods available–and I think that’s a serious issue. Why isn’t eating what our bodies are designed to eat economically friendly? Why does the government pay the corn and wheat industries to mass produce so that processed versions are in everything the average american eats? It absolutely disgusts me how hard it is to eat healthy, when I tell people I’m on paleo they are legitimately baffled and wonder what I even eat/how much it costs. And they are right, it shouldn’t be expensive to eat correctly, it shouldn’t cost extra to eat locally grown foods, and we certainly shouldn’t be charged more to buy foods free of chemicals they shouldn’t have contained in the first place. The system is so wrong, and that’s something I want to change. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but that’s my ultimate goal one day. I hope that if I do nothing else with this blog, I educate someone enough to get them motivated to demand change to this failing food system of ours.


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