Day 33: Learning to Subtract


I’m so excited that I’ve found a locally grown co-op near me! I picked up my very first order today and I got some local, grass-fed beef, some swiss chard, and some naturally smoked bacon (nitrate/nitrite free, yippee)! It’s such a great feeling to know where your food is coming from (you can actually email the growers/farmers), and it’s also great to support local small business. I would encourage anyone to find locally grown foods wherever you are. I was down in Atlanta today so I had lunch at Yeah! Burger, which is this great place that has all organic sustainably sourced meats so I was glad to support them, and my belly supports them too. I had a fig and goat cheese grass-fed burger and it was amazing! I also made my first trip to The Fresh Market yesterday, and it’s safe to say I was in heaven. They had deals on tuna, shrimp, and trout so I loaded up on the fish because I lovee seafood in the summer. I had the pecan crusted trout for dinner with a pear, pecan, and goat cheese salad. This one was one for the books! I have always loved pecan crusted trout, and this salad paired perfectly with it, but would also be great on it’s own!

20140405-234504.jpg 20140405-234511.jpg

While it’s been a nutrition packed weekend, I’m still frustrated with how I’m feeling. I think the 80/20 approach (80 percent whatever diet you’re on, 20 leeway), is great for people just starting out on diets or lifestyle changes, but I don’t think it works especially well for paleo 😦 I guess I’m going to have to start foregoing the granola in my yogurt, and all that goat cheese that I love so dearly. I think my focus for meal planning this week is going to be how to incorporate as many veggies as possible to go along with all that delicious, healthy meat I scored this weekend. As summer rolls around, even more farmers markets will pop up and the variety of vegetables will get better so I’m looking forward to that, but right now I just need to get back to the basics. I know I sound reminiscent of a Day 24 me, but I guess I never really learned my lesson. It seems so simple, just eat the basics, but my tastebuds crave crazy creations! I love cooking, and it’s fun to create all the complicated recipes, but at the end of the day adding is what got us all here in the first place, so maybe we need to work on our subtraction skills.



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