Day 31: Will I EVER Get Faster?

even if you suck

So as you can see by the day number on my post, I’m about a month into my training. This morning while I was on my run all I could think to myself was, “Will I EVER get faster?” I feel like unless the course is totally flat, my time never improves. I got back and I threw my iPod on the floor and told myself I was done running. I look better when I weight train more often, I hate the feeling of running when I’m doing it, everything hurts, and I just never seem to improve. Has anyone else ever felt this way? I’m not going to quit, mainly because I paid good money registering for this race, but I definitely need some motivation that’s for sure. I’m not inherently a runner; I’m not very fast, I’m not super slim, and I haven’t run many races. I know just starting out is probably the hardest part, but I just feel like I should be looking and feeling much better than I do. My legs ache and I find myself pulling with everything in my being just to get my foot from behind me back out in front of me again. The hard pavement against my feet sends pain through my muscles and radiates in my hip. “It shouldn’t be this hard,” I think to myself. Maybe its the heat, or the injury, or just the soreness from yesterday’s run. I know it will pass, but I’m just wondering how I’m supposed to keep this up every day for the next few months. Some days it’s easy, and I feel effortless (mostly when it’s flat), others I just feel like I can’t go on.

So I wanna hear from other runners: what pushes you through your grueling runs? What gives you the strength to get up and do it all over again?

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found on ground


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