Day 22: Don’t let your dad in Victoria’s Secret

Today was the last day of Victoria’s Secret Panty Party (7 panties for $26.50, aka the best deal you will ever get), so of course I had to go get some (guilty pleasure). I guess they weren’t expecting so many people to get excited about panties because the line was a mile long, and while I usually get bored in lines….this time was a little different. First of all, it’s always awkward when theres a guy in Victoria’s Secret, especially when he’s by himself. I understand you wanna pick out some fun stuff for your lady, but go with her or pick out what you want online and have her go get it. There’s no reason I should have to shove past someone my dad’s age to get to my 7 for $26 panties…no.reason. It gets better. One of these out of place men was in line in front of me, and decided to strike up conversation. 1) Inappropriate 2) Awkward 3) I should not be involved in your decision of what kind of lingerie to buy your wife, I am your daughter’s age. No. Just no. Needless to say, I hid my panty choice under my arm for the remainder of the wait in line. I did manage to score this cute workout tank on clearance for $14 though!


So yesterday I took a rest day because my right hip has been bothering me like crazy and gets super agitated when I run. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I feel like it is muscular, but I really have no idea. I’ve tried every stretch in the book, and even sought advice from my yoga teacher. I think it might be time to throw in the towel and go to the doc. Feeling down, and also because it was Sunday, I wanted to whip up a fancy delicious breakfast. I made some Paleo wraps (aka crepes) from CupcakesOMG and topped with some Nutella, strawberries, banana, and whipped cream (I know, I’m naughty). It was so worth it though. These crepes were light but decadent, and the perfect sweet treat for a Sunday morning.

20140324-214929.jpg  20140324-214942.jpg

Lunch was just leftover roasted root veggies from dinner a couple nights earlier. Dinner was also leftovers of the excellent fish tacos from my Recipes Post. Although there was no fish left, I used the pineapple jicama slaw and cilantro “mayo” to top a turkey burger. I ate a light dinner because I felt bad about breakfast haha.


This morning I made an egg white, kale, bell pepper, and sun dried tomato scramble with goat cheese (yes, still going on that giant log). I ran on the trails today in hopes that it would be better for my hip…it wasn’t. I got a solid 4 miles in though, and then hit the gym for some circuit weight training which felt great. Lunch was a grilled chicken breast and a sweet potato. I made a giant batch of my favorite kale salad for dinner.

I’d really like to hear from my fellow runners, have you had hip problems when training for a race? Was it muscular or joint related? Any tips on how to remedy it?


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