Day 16: “Don’t think about it, be about it!”

I’d like to share a comment from a reader and dear friend of mine. She brightened my day when she texted me this: “Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying your new blog. Please keep it going! You are an amazing writer and I love what you’re doing. It’s so awesome that you’re as passionate about a healthy lifestyle as I am. It’s really quite inspiring :)” First of all, thank you so much Mollie! I am so glad that other people can be inspired by what I’m writing, despite how silly I may feel writing it at the time. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and I want to inspire others to feel the same way. Like the title says, “don’t think about it, be about it!” So don’t just think about getting healthy, do it! Everyone thinks being healthy is so hard, but it’s really not if you just give a little thought to what you’re putting in your body. Like I’ve mentioned in probably all of my posts so far, no one is perfect. So accept the mistakes you’ve made (and will make) and keep going, because in the end it will be worth it. Health is a journey you have to take one step at a time, and whether you’re walking or sprinting I hope something I say on here one of these days will give you that drive to push on. I know life gives us some pretty massive hills, but God also gives us the tools to whip our butts into shape and climb that hill like a beast. So thank you to anyone who reads one post or all of  them, and I hope something I say will help you through whatever size hill you may be facing.

All metaphors aside, I climbed a pretty ginormous hill today to try and challenge myself…I was successful in doing that, not so much on the hill. They are difficult, evil, and as my fellow running blogger 2 Cups N’ Run pointed out: they often feel like Mount Everest no matter what the size. So while it was hard to keep my pace, I’m really working on just running through them because I know the half marathon I’m running in Asheville will have quite a few hills. Breakfast was a yummy creation from Carrots N’ Cake’s post on eggless paleo breakfast ideas. I made the pumpkin topped with paleo granola, and it tasted like a side dish that should be on the table at thanksgiving, but without the guilt!


Lunch was leftover Paleo Pad Thai from last night, just as delicious the next day I’d like to report. I was just happy to even have leftovers this time as last time it all got eaten up! I grabbed a banana before my run because I have been cramping lately so I thought I might try to see if it would help. After I conquered the hills I opted for a tasty post-workout snack that I concocted earlier and left in the fridge: Almond Coconut Protein Balls. I forgot to take a picture while they were still all pretty and laid out on the pan, but surprisingly one of these little balls is pretty filling because of the richness of the cottage cheese and almonds. It’s a tasty post-workout snack when you just need a little something. These would also be good for a late night healthy treat in place of dessert!


Dinner was grilled chicken and roasted root vegetables (butternut squash, parsnips, sweet potatoes). This meal has become a staple because it’s pretty basic and easy to prepare (minus cutting the butternut squash–I was literally sweating).

20140318-223250.jpgIf you’ve never had parsnips, just try them! They’re oddly delicious. And that goes for any health food you haven’t tried. The more you try the more likely you are to find something healthy and delicious you love! Happy hill running!


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