Day 12: #Fail Friday

I realized that I’ve focused a lot on nutrition lately, and while it is very important, I’ve neglected to talk about my love/hate relationship with exercise. I may hate every aching moment of training, but it’s safe to say I’m a gym rat (lately a trail rat though for my half marathon training). While you can lose weight in the kitchen, you can expedite weight loss and tone trouble areas into awesome areas (like that booty) with exercise, and frankly, you feel AHmazing afterwards. So, while the gym may be an intimidating place, I can promise you won’t look as stupid as these people. I present: Fail Friday

yoga fart
(How I feel during yoga sometimes)

And at the end of it all you feel

Hope these lightened up your mood about heading to the gym! I do have to do my daily rundown though, but I have pretty pictures I promise!
Breakfast was an egg white omelette with spinach and organic sun-dried tomatoes with a banana. I hit my favorite hot yoga class (Friday is bootcamp style) and sweated my a$$ off. It felt great though. Lunch was Earth Fare chicken salad again with a handful of grapes and some green tea. I’ve been trying to increase my green tea consumption just to see if it actually helps expedite the weight loss process, and if nothing else the extra water keeps me fuller longer after meals. I still love my snacks though, and I had a sliced bell pepper with some organic hummus as I was preparing dinner. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a while, just hadn’t found the perfect time until I ran out of everything else and was forced into it tonight ha. That makes it sound awful, but it actually turned out great. The recipe comes from Spicie Foodie and you can find it on her page (with lots of awesome photography) here. I found these sweet potato and buckwheat noodles at Earth Fare and was intrigued, so I thought I’d try them. Well when I perused Pinterest for a recipe using them this was the only one I could find! I was very pleased though. While they tasted nothing at all like sweet potato, the asian flare was great and I loved the kick of the red pepper flakes (also a metabolism booster like green tea). It was really easy to prepare too, just make sure you have time to let the chicken marinate, it really makes all the difference. Thanks for the recipe Spicie!




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