Day 11: Must. Check. Out. Okay so this may not be as exciting to people who aren’t into food issues as much as I am, but it is a great resource about the politics behind what governs our food.  This is my new favorite blog! It has information on food/agriculture legislature, rulings from all of the regulatory agencies, and all the politics behind them.  One post that stuck out to me was this one, about the amount of added sugar allowed in yogurt. 40 GRAMS IS RIDICULOUS. As much of a sweet tooth as I have, I know when enough is enough. Plus since I really don’t eat that much fat, one of my main health focuses is always reducing sugar (especially since in excess it is shown to gather around the stomach area…yikes).

“It makes us feel how powerful we really are, to strip down to only what we really need.” (from tonight’s Grey’s) Cliche, maybe. Applicable, absolutely.

How did I find this awesome blog you ask? (Okay I know no one’s really asking) I found this great list of must-read health, fitness, and happiness blogs on Greatist. I think it’s good to give a shout out so some of my inspirations!

Today was actually really productive, which made me feel great. I started the day with a slice of Ezekiel toast topped with almond butter and a banana. Even though it was sunny, it was actually really cold outside when I went for my run. I think that little nip gave me an edge though, because I ran 5 miles like it was nothing, and for the first time ever my last mile was faster than my first! After I was done I had some Earth Fare Chicken Salad on another piece of Ezekiel bread with some kale slaw. I love me some chicken salad 🙂 Mid-afternoon snack was another new yogurt in my journey to find a healthier one, as I mention in my previous post. Today’s was Brown Cow’s Greek Cream Top Honey flavor.

20140313-221922.jpgThis yogurt tastes like dessert! Normally I load my yogurt with granola, fresh fruit, etc, but this needed no additions. Unfortunately, it has quite a few calories and sugars for such little protein (only 6 grams). Great for an occasional treat though, which is what I’m aiming for my yogurt habit to eventually become. Recently I’ve made my paleos proud by totally cutting out any other forms of dairy (aka cheese-RIP, you will be missed), but sometimes I just need good-for-your-gut benefits of yogurt. I went for some gut punches at kickboxing, my second workout of the day hehe 🙂 Thursday is the only day they offer it and I’ve recently been neglecting my other training with all the running I’ve been doing so I figured, why not? Plus I loveeee kickboxing, and anyone with anger issues should seriously consider taking it up. Dinner was turkey chili made with lean (93/7) turkey, bell peppers, onions, and some special spices. Here I go missing my cheese and sour cream…but I know it will be a good change. The only downside to two hard workouts in one day is the extra hunger! I gave in and made some paleo chocolate chip cookies (recipe here). The cookies were almost as comforting as the amazing deal I scored on these adorable sandals today at Dress Up!



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