Thank you, Tindell Baldwin.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day so I didn’t get around to posting, and to be honest didn’t really plan on it because I was feeling very uninspired…that is, until last night. The last on my checklist for my busy Mondays is to attend Buckhead Church’s “The Living Room,” which is their college ministry. I know this blog is supposed to be about health and fitness, but sometimes other things are so inspiring they are just worth going off topic to share. This is one of those things. While Buckhead Church is just another location of the church I’ve been involved in since elementary school, NorthPoint Ministries, I had never attended The Living Room until last week. With recent events in my life I just really needed some guidance, and after meeting with my former small group leader she suggested I go, despite the long trek to get there. Reluctant, I went. It was a little awkward going by myself, and while the people I engaged in small talk with were nice, I still felt a little out of place. The message was good, and so this Monday I was compelled to make the drive again, not anticipating too much. Boy was I wrong.

Andy Stanley was sitting down with a woman named Tindell Baldwin.

But her name could have been mine.

Our stories were shockingly similar. The best way I can think to describe her testimony is “creepily applicable.” Don’t get me wrong, what God did yesterday night was amazing, and necessary, and inspiring, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little creeped out by how similar her story was to mine and just happened to be exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. God just does stuff like that; I suppose he knows when to whip out the big guns. They passed out a copy of her book to each of us, and I read the entire thing in one night because I just wanted to know what the outcome of her story would be–what the outcome of my story would be. Her book, Popular, outlines the struggles many young women face and her inspiring triumph into a beautiful love story with God. I encourage every young woman to read it. It just may save your life.

You can check out her blog right here, she has some powerful and encouraging words.


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