Day 2: Dogs, Duds, and Dessert

I hope everyone took advantage of their Law and Order: SVU marathon Tuesday! (Sorry, it’s an obsession I’m trying to break) Breakfast today was 2 Applegate Farms Maple Chicken Sausage Links, 1 egg (that’s all we had left sadly, time to grocery shop), and some strawberries. Today is only day 2 on my half marathon training journey and I had a pretty decent 4 mile run. 4 miles sounded pretty easy after the 7 miles I conquered on saturday, but it was way colder than I expected and it’s hard to run when your dog wants to stop and poop every step of the way so it was hard to keep a good pace. Lesson learned, don’t run with your dog.


This is Molly. She’s adorable, but when it comes to running she’s about like the latter.

My post workout smoothie had a mix of almond and coconut milk, a frozen banana, Nature’s Bounty Complete Protein Chocolate flavor, chia seeds, and a few handfuls of spinach; it was delicious!

Unfortunately, while dinner was very healthy it wasn’t the tastiest recipe I’ve tried on my healthy eating journey. (It did look pretty good though ;p)


My mom used to make stir fry as oftenas once a week, but when I decided to trade rice for quinoa and sugar laden teriyaki sauce for coconut aminos, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Despite my dud, I’ll keep trying healthy-fied stir fry recipes because it is a meal I enjoy. (Suggestions are appreciated!)

My sweet tooth also gave me a struggle tonight. One of the eating habits I learned growing up was DESSERT. My sweet tooth expects it, and my waistline reflects it. Breaking the habit of having some kind ofdessert every night has been one of the hardest battles for me in my health journey. Eating healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner really isn’t the biggest challenge for me. My battle begins after dinner. I’ve had to really focus on the fact that nothing I eat past dinnertime has nutritional value and only means harder work for me the next day. Quitting cold turkey has too often resulted in late night ice cream binges, so along the way dark chocolate has become a dear friend. 2 small pieces is enoughto satisfy a sweet tooth but not enough to feel bad about, and that in itself is a win. When I really started to focus on nutrition and researching the paleodiet, however, I really have tried to eliminate excess sugar from my life because I know it is my biggest vice. This brings me to a question that I’d really like some feedback on. We all need something sweet every now and then to keep our sanity, how do you feel about “paleo-fied” desserts? Should paleo followers try to leave out re-creations of junk food all together in order to try and wholly adopt a lifestyle ofhealth foods or is a healthy remake of a disastrous dessert just necessary sometimes? I’d love to get some feedback on this because this is one of the most interesting/controversial aspects of paleo/clean eating to me.


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